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I’m a researcher specialising in gender, sexuality, and the body, working towards an anthropology doctorate at Oxford University. My current research asks what matters to trans adults living with disordered eating.

I find the world a joyful and beautiful and unreasonable and tiring place, and I’m curious about the ways that we all navigate that mess day to day. My approach is shaped by activism and scholarship from intersectional feminism, queer theory, trans studies, and fat acceptance.

Bodies are central to my work – not only at the level of meaning and representation, but the experience of these sensuous blobs of flesh, bones, organs, and juicy bits that we spend a lifetime making our homes.

How we live through, work on, attend to, and push against our bodies. Those moments when they demand attention and refuse to fade from awareness. How they feel histories that aren’t ours alone, carrying the journeys of those who came before us. The kinds of communication bodies can allow in intimate moments as they take on a life and language of their own. How the structures around us also live inside us, shaping how we take up space in the world. These living entities, so vulnerable and so completely powerful.

By exploring the politics of the body, my work aims to interrupt body-based oppressions. It questions the idea that some types of bodies, bodily practices, and ways of relating to our bodies are more moral and more desirable than other ways of being.

I hold a first-class BA Hons in History (Cambridge University), an MSc with Distinction in Social Policy and Planning (LSE), and an MSc with Distinction in Medical Anthropology (Oxford University). My doctoral research is funded by an ESRC studentship and the Clarendon Fund.

Alongside my research, I’m working with Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard to develop a framework for inclusive research, and consult on LGBTQ health. Since moving to Brighton I’ve been learning to skate (flailing around) at roller derby, spending too many 2p coins on the pier, and getting out of my head at life drawing.