November 2018: new participants invited to interview

Content warning: trans experiences of disordered eating, invitation to interview Over the past year I've been working on research with a number of trans people with disordered eating. People have shared intimate and powerful moments with me, as well as everyday and...

Eating disorders and trends: thoughts on a hateful article

As a researcher working with trans people with disordered eating, I’m appalled (though not surprised) to read this week’s hot take from The Sun. I won’t re-post or link to it, but the article titled ‘Is changing gender the new anorexia?’ is full of dangerous misconceptions.

The politics of AI and scientific research on sexuality

We are often told that there is no place for politics in objective research. The scientific tradition has built rigorous methodologies to get rid of bias, and presents itself as untouched by the messy social world. But what should we make of the claim that politics is irrelevant in science?